Effective woodworm treatments on the
Isle of Wight

Woodworm, if left unnoticed, can cause significant damage to your home. We specialise in providing expert woodworm treatment using low odour-chemicals.

We’ll take care of untreated timber
to eradicate your woodworm problem

Wood boring beetles are known to attack untreated timber within a building. It is a misconception that woodworm affects old properties alone; new timber is also susceptible due to the high content of starch in the wood. If your building structure contains oak, mahogany, pine or even a custom-built cedar kitchen, it is important you have an expert check to see whether or not it has been treated for woodworm. Based in Newport, we serve clients across the Isle of Wight and are a preferred choice in the local area.

Our woodworm specialists will:

  • Conduct a full survey
  • Identify the woodworm type
  • Spray chemicals systematically
  • Apply a protective coating
  • Remove and repair timber
  • What you need to look for

    If you notice tiny oval shaped holes or crumbling edges in your timber, contact us for woodworm treatment. We carry full insurance backing from the Property Guarantee Administration (PGA) for your peace of mind. We also offer a 30-year company guarantee. For more details, speak to us.

    We'll identify the nature and extent of the infestation prior to carrying out the work on your property. Contact Island Treatment Specialists Ltd on