Prevent condensation from
becoming a problem

In addition to proving harmful for those with respiratory conditions, condensation can also result in property preservation problems.

A complete condensation control service to prevent structural damage to your property

Condensation can be one of the most common causes of damp and can make your home an uncomfortable place to live in. Poor ventilation and a steamy atmosphere can result in mould growth over time. While it is certainly unsightly, it can also have an adverse effect on your health. It can cause damage to furniture, soft furnishings and clothing. When we visit, we’ll carry out a complete assessment and provide a cost-effective solution for your property.

Prevention methods include:

  • Promote ventilation
  • Use Extractor fans
  • Keep lids on bubbling saucepans
  • Dry laundry outside if possible
  • Open windows in steamy bathrooms and
  • kitchens and close doors
  • Dry wet coats in a ventilated room
  • Here’s how we can help

    As a first step, we’ll ensure that an adequate heating and ventilation balance is obtained. Whether you’re looking for a complete service or need quick mould treatment, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quote to meet your specifications.

    For effective condensation solutions, contact Island Treatment Specialists Ltd on the Isle of Wight on